National Resistance Front of Afghanistan

National Resistance Front of Afghanistan


Ahmad Massoud

Leader, The National Resistance Front (NRF)

In 2018, Commander Ahmad Massoud was declared his father's successor by thousands of his ethnically diverse supporters across Afghanistan in the continued fight against the Taliban.

Only 12 years old when Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud was assassinated by the Taliban, Ahmad Massoud has dedicated every stage of his life to protecting other families from violence and injustice at the hands of the terrorist regime.

Ahmad Massoud will follow his father’s footsteps and lead the NRF to liberating and unifying Afghanistan's diverse society. He will free its people from the shackles of oppression and restore the honor and dignity of Afghan people.

“I am willing and ready to forgive the blood of my father for peace, justice, and stability for the people of Afghanistan” - Ahmad Massoud

Saleh Registani
Chief Commander, The National Resistance Front Forces (NRF Forces)

Saleh Mohammad Registani began his life-long career of serving Afghanistan in 1980 with the National Hero of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Massoud, after completing his military study in Jamiat-e-Islami University. He also graduated from Kabul University with a degree in political science.

Commander Registani was mentored by Ahmad Shah Massoud for over two decades, mastering the military tactics accredited for defeating the Red Army in 1989. Being a man of honor and integrity, Commander Registani is held in highest regard in all four corners of Afghanistan. Today, he remains devoted to defending his country and fighting for independence.

“Our military struggles and your political activities in raising awareness of the situation in Afghanistan are like the two wings of a bird; without which it could never fly”. - Saleh Registani

Ali M. Nazary
Head of Foreign Relations, The National Resistance Front (NRF)

Ali Maisam Nazary is head of foreign relations for the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan. He previously served as head of foreign relations for Ahmad Massoud's political office and as his personal advisor on international affairs.

Nazary is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and the London School of Economics. Leading the NRF's diplomatic outreach, he frequently appears on international media to advocate for the interests of the National Resistance Front and the Afghan people, and provides real-time updates on developing events via Twitter. Nazary continues to represent NRF interests abroad by working closely with political allies of the NRF and the Afghan diaspora.

"We don't believe in nationalism, whatever nationalism there is. Whether it's Tajik nationalism, Hazara nationalism, or Pashtun nationalism. Whatever it is, all these nationalisms have been poisonous to our unity, to our country and we see the results today." - Ali Maisam Nazary

General Khalid Amiry
General, The National Resistance Forces (NRF Forces)

General Khalid Amiry joined the National Resistance Front to fight against the Taliban and free his people from occupation after previously serving as an ANDSF officer. To Amiry, there were only two choices: "Rise up for Afghanistan's liberation or continue to breathe with this humiliation".

Like many soldiers who defend the soil, Amiry believes Afghanistan was surrendered to the Taliban in a political deal, otherwise the Taliban would not have been able to defeat the security forces or the will of the people. Amiry says "the Taliban may be credible to a few in a limited number of places, but it wants to rule the rest of the Afghan people through repression… It is not impossible to defeat the Taliban, it is enough to stand against them and say no."

General Khalid Amiry is firm in his belief that the Taliban's cruelty plays with the honor and dignity of the people and that it will no longer be tolerated. The people have made their decision against the Taliban, and this group cannot rule Afghanistan.

General Hamid Saifi
General, The National Resistance Forces (NRF Forces)

General Hamid Saifi, a former commander of the ANDSF military officer who currently resides in Panjshir and joined the National Resistance Front immediately after the fall of Kabul in August of 2021. Commander Saifi took the front lines to defend the Panjshir valley, as Panjshir is known to be the heart of the resistance in Afghanistan.

Hamid Saifi makes a promise to the Afghan people that he will continue to defend Afghanistan's true values, and that until his last breath, he will stand against any enemy that tries to invade his country.

"It is beautiful for me to be with the people and defend the homeland with all its pains and wounds".  -Hamid Saifi

General Akmal Ameer
General, The National Resistance Forces (NRF Forces

General Akmal Ameer continues to serve with honor as he guides NRF special forces in the fight against Taliban in the Hindu Kush Mountains. As a former ANDSF and a graduate of Sandhurst Military Academy, he remains faithful and loyal to the country, and would never abandon his people.

When asked why he didn't flee the country when the opportunity came after the fall of Kabul, he replied, "If we had left, what would we say to our fellow officers? What would we say to their orphans? What would we say to their widows? We understand their pain. I could never leave my country or the soldiers that served under my command. I would never be able to hold my head up high again. So, instead, I'll stay and fight until my last breath. We can't do anything to bring back the martyrs of yesterday, but we stay to fight in their honor and to defend Afghanistan like they did".